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How to Spot a Fake vs. Real Franck Muller Watch

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Franck Muller creates some of the finest watches, and that quality comes at a price. The unique and desirable designs make the watches a target for counterfeiters across the world. If you are purchasing a Franck Muller watch, you will want the best deal, but also confidence that your watch it authentic. Keep reading for a few tips that will help you spot a fake Franck Muller watch.

1. Quality
There are certain things to look out for when inspecting any timepiece for obvious clues that the watch is fake. Although quality fakes are becoming more and more common, there are still many mistakes that slip by counterfeiters. Since many counterfeiters are from foreign countries, there are often spelling errors on the piece. Always carefully inspect all writing to be sure everything is spelt correctly. Be sure to look out for extra or missing letters.

Many fakes also use glue to hold the components together, whereas a Franck Muller watch would not. Look for any residue around the case, dial and crown. While inspecting the dial for any glue residue, also look for any dust or smudges on the dial. Carelessness is always a sign the piece is likely counterfeit or was handled by an amateur. Also, make sure to inspect your watch in the dark! If the hands do not adequately glow, then the piece likely uses a lower-quality luminous paint — a sign of a fake.

Finally, if possible, inspect the movement. Swiss watchmakers will always sign their movement in some way. If there are no engravings or signatures, then the movement is likely a cheap fake. If you cannot look at the movement, inspect the seconds hand. If the seconds hand is jumping instead of sweeping, then the watch could be a fake. Fine mechanical wristwatches will have a sweeping seconds hand while a quartz watch will have a “ticking” seconds hand.

3. Seller Details and Reviews
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2. Price Check
If you plan on purchasing a Franck Muller watch, then you should always research the item thoroughly, especially price. If you find a piece that is listed for an unbelievable price, then it’s likely the watch is a fake. Look for the watch listed on other websites or at different dealers so you can accurately judge an appropriate price for the item. Today, faking a watch can be done more accurately than ever, even fooling some of the most avid watch collectors. The better a fake, the higher the price, so even if the price tag is relatively high, the watch could still be a fake.

Always thoroughly research the seller if you plan on making a large purchase like a Franck Muller timepiece. When buying online, your chances of getting the best deal are better, but your chances of buying a fake increase too. Thoroughly inspect the website and look for any incomplete or missing information. Always be sure to carefully check the web address you are visiting. Many counterfeiters will use a URL similar to a legitimate website and wait for buyers to accidentally type the wrong address.

Finally, look for honest reviews of the seller. If you cannot find any reviews at all, then the website could be a temporary scam website that changes regularly. If you only find extremely positive or poorly written reviews, then that is a sign the counterfeiters also faked the reviews. You should look for a trustworthy seller with honest reviews and feedback about the entire purchasing process.

4. Ask a Trusted Watch Expert
In the end, these tips can only help you spot a fake. However, some replica watches can pass these tests. The only way to be completely certain that your watch is the real deal is to take it to a trusted watch expert. If you don’t already know someone, then look for the same things as you would when trying to find a watch seller — honest reviews and a legitimate website.