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Safely Packing Jewelry for Travel

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Your trip is all booked, your clothes are all packed, and all your travel documents are in place. The last thing to do is make sure the precious jewelry and watches that you intend to wear on your trip actually make it there safely and soundly. Once you’ve prepared your pieces for travel—we recommend following this guide to making sure your possessions are secure— keep reading for our tips and tricks to safely packing jewelry for a trip.

Jewelry Box

jewelry box

Courtesy of Amazon.

For those who intend to bring several precious jewelry pieces and watches with them, a travel jewelry box would be perfect for their needs. Granted, these things can add some bulk to your baggage, but with padded compartments and separate storage for different types of jewelry, a portable jewelry box is your best bet for protecting your pieces from damage during travel. Business Insider recommends this one with 20 separate compartments for your jewelry and watches.

Jewelry Roll

jewelry roll

Courtesy of Travel and Leisure.

Some hanging jewelry organizers can be rolled up and packed in your carry-on bag for travel, which makes it easy to bring your collection from home to various other corners of the world. This low-maintenance storage option is called a jewelry scroll and, like the other items on this list, can be found on or at travel stores. This particular one by Donna Walsh comes highly recommended and is available in multiple designs.


Courtesy of Good Housekeeping.

Courtesy of Good Housekeeping.


If all you plan to bring are small items like rings, earrings, cuff links, and simple chain necklaces, then perhaps a pillbox is your best option. The 7-day pillboxes can easily store a few pairs of earrings and cufflinks, a handful of rings, and some small necklaces. Depending on the size of your items and of your pillbox, you might even be able to plan out your jewelry looks by day!

Mint Tin

Courtesy of Her Packing List.

Courtesy of Her Packing List.

For a more DIY approach, save an old Altoids tin and line it with some cotton to make a tiny makeshift jewelry box, perfect for storing earrings, rings, and other small baubles.


Courtesy of Ideal Me.

Courtesy of Ideal Me.

Keep chain necklaces from tangling by inserting one end through a straw and securing it with the other end so the straw acts as structural support. Store the necklaces and straws in a Ziploc bag for travel.

Index Card


Courtesy of Olive Yew.

An easy way to keep track of earrings is to pierce them through an index card and storing them in a Ziploc bag or in a piece of cloth to keep them safe. This method makes it very easy to label the earrings and keep them organized, as well.

Washcloth and Rubber Bands

jewelry roll washcloth

Courtesy of The Organized Mama.

Courtesy of The Organized Mama.

Line up necklaces and bracelets neatly across a washcloth laid flat, then tightly and carefully fold it in half, then roll it up. Secure the ends with rubber bands or hair ties.