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How to Measure Your Wrist Size and Watch

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A common question we get at TrueFacet is, “How do I know if a watch will fit me?” Here is a video tutorial to show you how to measure a watch and understand the key measurements that may influence the overall fit of your watch.

To summarize, there are three key watch measurements will affect how your watch fits you:

Watch Case Diameter
The watch case diameter is the width of the watch, as if you were to place a ruler across it from the 9 o’clock to the 3 o’clock. The diameter is measured as the full width, from the bezel edge to the opposite bezel edge, but does not include the crown.

Rolex watch sketches courtesy of Rolex.

Watch Case Thickness
The case thickness is how big or slim the case is if you were to look at the watch from the side. Watch case thickness is usually just a personal preference, some wearers prefer a thinner case that can slip under a button-up or suit jacket while others like the impressive look of a thicker watch case.

Bracelet Length and Wrist Size
Perhaps the most important watch measurement is the length of the watch band so it sits comfortably on your wrist. The golden rule for how tightly a watch should sit on your wrist is: the watch should not slide up or down more than an inch when you move your arm. That said, some wearers simply prefer a looser fit (like Max in the video) while others like the secure feeling of a tighter fit.

To measure your wrist size for your watch:

1. Print and cut out TrueFacet’s Wrist Sizer. (Download link here.)

Preview of TrueFacet's Wrist Sizer.

Preview of TrueFacet’s Wrist Sizer. Click to enlarge.)

2. With the number markers on the outside, curl the wrist sizer in a circle and carefully insert the pointed end just through the small opening.

3. Place your hand through the wrist sizer and gently pull the pointed end through the slit until the wrist sizer fits comfortably around your wrist.

4. The number that lines up with the arrow is your wrist size. If the measurement is between two sizes, refer to the larger size.