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Guide to Jewelry and Watch Styles

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The terminology surrounding jewelry and watches can be confusing. There are terms that describe styles and others that describe lengths or occasions. With so many different ways to describe an item, it can be difficult to get it right. That’s we have a guide to jewelry and watch styles. Check out the most important stylistic distinctions below.


1. Bracelets
bracelets 2[John Hardy Charm][Cartier Love][Diamond Tennis][Cartier Link]

Like most jewelry, bracelet styles come in all shapes, colors and materials. One style may look completely different than an item of the same style because of the different materials, colors, pattern and metal work used — that’s what makes jewelry original and fun. With so many options, there’s something out there for everyone.

The most prevalent bracelet types are bangles, charm bracelets, link bracelets, tennis bracelets and cuffs. Bangles and cuffs are frequently used interchangeably and both denote a bracelet that’s rigid in structure and typically a closed circle or oval. Tennis bracelets are nearly the opposite and are composed of several diamonds or other gemstones linked closely together on a thin chain.

Charm bracelets have increased in popularity in recent years and are highly customizable and sentimental. Another current trend is chain link bracelets. Chains come in many different styles too, including rope, box, figaro, snake, curb and more.

2. Necklaces

necklaces[Diamond Collar][VCA Choker][Mikimoto Pearls][Tiffany Lariat]

Like bracelets, necklaces are changed largely by changing the embellishments — like pearls, pendants or stations — on the actual chains. Gemstones, metal designs, shapes, patterns and sizes will all change how one piece compared to another.

With this in mind, necklaces are often classified based on their length. Recently, collars and chokers have been trending on the streets and on the runways. Though the designs may share the same classifications, the only other similarity is that they sit close to the base of the throat.

The same is true for all lengths of necklaces. Other lengths include princess (18 in.), matinee (20 in.), opera (30 in.) and rope/lariat (35 in.). Though two lengths will not often look the same.

3. Earrings
earrings[Roberto Coin Studs][Ippolita Hoops][Gucci Drop Earrings][Carrera y Carrera Huggies]

Earrings can add a subtle sparkle or make a bold statement. This versatile accessory proves that even the smallest change to your accessories can completely change your look. Whether you want to add gemstones, intricate details or bright colors, earrings are a way to experiment with trends. One of the biggest accessory trends of the ear is the statement earring.

Earrings come in a few different styles. You can get studs, drop earrings or hoop earrings. Studs are small and typically made of a diamond or other gemstone, pearls or even just metal. Some are more intricate than others, but a classic pair of diamond or pearl studs is a must-have staple for every jewelry lover’s collection.

Drop earrings, sometimes called dangle earrings, are very on full force trend. These earrings are at least an inch in length or more if you are truly looking to get attention. The bigger, bolder and brighter, the better. At New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week oversized drop earrings were the accessory of choice.

Since vintage-inspired looks have been trending, hoop earrings are slowly reemerging on the fashion scene. These can be metal, diamond, gemstone or take many other forms. For a more subtle hoop, you can try a small huggie-style earring.

4. Rings
rings[Vendura Infinity Band][Roberto Coin Cocktail][David Yurman Signet][Tiffany Solitaire]

There are so many different ring style, that it’s impossible to create a single list. Historians struggle typifying rings worn by ancient Romans due to the massive variety. However, today, there are some styles that are so popular it’s worth mentioning.

Cocktail rings were a formal fashion and status symbol of the past, but today they are purely a fun and versatile fashion statement. Solitaire rings, cluster ring and infinity bands are all popular for engagement rings and wedding bands. For men, jewelry has taken hold and rings are a part of the noise. Masculine signet rings and simple bands are favorites for men embracing the accessory.

watches[Rolex GMT Master][Patek Calatrava][Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine][Michael Kors Camille]


Watches are classified by style and shape. The style will be appropriate depending on what the occasion and how much that matters to the wearer. There is are dress, sport, diver, aviator, fashion and retro watches.

Dress watches are for the office and formal occasions — whenever you would wear a suit. For more casual and adventurous activities, sport watches are a popular choice. Diver and aviator watches are favorites for casual and formal occasions even if you aren’t a deep sea diver or a pilot. Fashion watches are most popular among women and reflect current trends and stress fashion over all else. Finally, retro watches are new models inspired by and designed to look like older vintage watches.


Your watch dial can have a round, cushion, oval, curved, square, rectangle or tonneau shape to the dial. It’s important to research which shape fits your style best. You also should keep the watch band in mind. There are several options exceeding the standard metal, leather or synthetic band.