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Gemstones That Look Best in Rose Gold

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Jado Crown - Allure Collection

Jado Crown – Allure Collection

Rose gold jewelry is unique in that it’s both trendy and also has a vintage appeal. Yellow gold is no longer the center of attention, particularly when it comes to engagement rings. While white gold and platinum are the go-to metals for a classy, modern look, rose gold fills a special niche and is the best choice if you want to wear chic and trendsetting jewelry.

But there’s one problem: How do you know which gemstones look best with rose gold jewelry? When it comes to white or yellow gold, most jewelry lovers seem to have an intuitive sense of which gems look best. Rose gold, on the other hand, is a bit more tricky. Here are 5 gemstone variations that will look amazing on your luxury jewelry or engagement ring:

Pink Sapphire

Pink sapphire gemstone set in a rose gold engagement ring

Pink sapphires add an incredible look to rose gold that’s both subtle and captivating. Really, rose gold looks great with most pink tinted gems, but the beauty and clarity of a pink sapphire centerstone is unsurpassed. Pink sapphire gems also look great as an accent to the main stone, particularly in a lighter shade. While pink diamonds are another great choice with similar qualities, they tend to be an exceptionally rare find.


Ruby gemstone set in a rose gold engagement ring

A ruby complements a rose gold ring like no other. The power of the ruby’s bold red is tempered by the gentle rose color, so these two work together to create a harmonious combination. There’s something about this pair that evokes both luxury and modesty, so it definitely creates a pleasing look. If you want to make this combo more modern and eye-catching, add some complementary sparkling diamonds to your ring’s halo or shank; it will help bring out the lovely color of your ruby even more!

Red Garnet

Although not as intense as a ruby, a garnet’s deep red tone looks great in a rose gold ring. The two colors blend together for a more understated and gentle look. If you want a beautiful combo that’s soft on the eyes, these two make a wonderful pair.


Amethyst gemstone set in a rose gold engagement ring

If you want to move towards the cooler end of the spectrum, amethyst and rose gold are a stunning match. The colors pink and purple usually work well together, so it’s no wonder that this combination shines. Since rose gold already has vintage appeal, adding an amethyst takes this to another level and gives your ring or bangle an almost fairy-tale quality to its beauty.


Amethyst gemstone set in a rose gold engagement ring

Although rose gold tends to look best with warmer gems in pinks and reds, there’s something to be said about matching rose gold with aquamarine. This gem comes in a beautiful gentle blue color; unlike a stone like blue sapphire, aquamarine doesn’t present a strong contrast to rose gold and actually harmonizes well with the metal. The natural, oceanic quality of this blue gem is sure to give your ring or pendant a charming and calming look.

These 5 gemstones make a great pair with rose gold, and offer a unique choice for your next jewelry purchase. If you’re looking for something that’s both eye-catching and calming, amethyst and aquamarine are your best bet, while if you’re going for a more luxury appeal, garnet, ruby and pink sapphires are sure to turn heads. The subtle harmony between rose gold and any of these gems is perfect for a trendy yet vintage-inspired look.


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Jado Crown - Malta Collection

Jado Crown – Malta Collection