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Cartier Love Bracelet: Old vs New Screw System

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The Cartier Love collection has been one of their most enduring collections. Initially designed in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo, the clean lines and screw motif had a universal appeal with a unique clasp that could only be opened using a special screwdriver. If the wearer wasn’t careful, the screws could be lost while taking it on and off.

In 2011 Cartier released a new version of the locking mechanism to minimize potential screw loss. Instead of the screws removing completely when the bracelet was opened, they would remain attached to the bracelet. Subtle differences in the design can help you determine if a bracelet has the new or old style screw system.

  1. On the outside of the bracelet, the edge of the screw touches the seam of the bracelet on the new style screw system.


  1. On the inside of the bracelet, closure has a “U” shape to keep the screw attached.


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