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It Can Happen To Anyone

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You spent your entire salary and most of your savings on that one expensive piece of jewelry. But no worries, you think. When the time comes and you’re short on money, you can always sell it. So it’s really an investment. And its that belief that you hold on to that helps you sleep easier. Until you go to a store and the storekeeper tells you and he’ll only give you a tiny fraction of the amount you had hoped for because actually your jewelry is not as authentic as you thought it to be.

That’s what happened to John Mayer, celebrated musician. He recently sued watch dealer Bob Maron for $650,000 claiming that several vintage Rolex watches he purchased were not authentic because some of the parts being used in them were manufactured elsewhere, tainting the value and authenticity of the entire piece. After spending approximately $5 million on his watch collection over the years, you can imagine his concern.

Purchasing vintage watches and jewelry can be tricky. In this situation, it is often important to ask as many questions as possible and get as many opinions too. Go to a reputable or trusted dealer. Talk to them, ask them questions.

Only make the purchase if you think the dealer knows his stuff because a certain level of skill and proficiency is needed when assessing vintage pieces. If the dealer sounds less than knowledgeable, he could have been fooled when acquiring the piece too.

In addition, find out how the dealer sourced the piece and authenticated it. Make sure that he did. Ask for any sort of certification or proof. All pieces sold by TrueFacet come TF Verified. Ask the dealer if the piece comes with any return offers or warranties. Hire an independent appraiser that is an expert in the piece. Make sure that you have another verified opinion since certain parts and pieces may be swapped.

Buying vintage jewelry and watches can be a daunting process. Don’t take it lightly, because it really can happen to anyone. If you have any further questions or need help in locating the right appraiser or expert, contact us at