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Do Cartier Diamond Watches Hold Their Value?

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Cartier is a brand that is both recognized and well respected. It has a long history in watchmaking and in addition to being a luxury watchmaker brand, Cartier has also been known as the “Jeweler of Kings.”  King Edward VII of Great Britain, for his coronation in 1902, ordered 27 tiaras and issued a royal warrant to Cartier. Similar warrants soon followed from the courts of Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Russia, and the House of Orléans. This is thanks to their very exclusive diamond and precious gem-encrusted jewelry. It’s no surprise that many people looking to shop for a high-end timepiece consider Cartier diamond watches.

As you consider buying one for yourself, you’ll want to think long term. Sure something like the Cartier Ballon Bleu Rose Gold Factory Diamond Bezel On Bracelet 36mm or the Cartier Panthere 10702 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Ladies Watch is going to look fabulous now, but what about later. Do Cartier diamond watches hold their value?

Learn About Cartier Diamond Watches

Cartier was a world-renowned jeweler long before it was recognized as a major player in the luxury watch industry. In fact, the brand is listed as one of Forbes’s top brands worldwide. Company founder, Louis-Francois Cartier, began making luxury pieces all the way back in the mid 1800s.

With their strong influence in high fashion, they made wristwatches mainstream at a time when everyone carried pocket watches. Since then, Cartier has produced many popular collections. Their Tank series is one that has become truly iconic.

Will a Cartier Hold its Value?

In a word, yes! This watch company enjoys brand recognition across the globe. Cartier’s innovations and technical mastery grant this brand a unique place within the luxury wristwatch market. This won’t end anytime soon. In fact, the company’s first wristwatch was the Santos and it remains in production today. 

Many collectors invest in Cartier. They do so for their reputation and their use of premium materials that make each watch feel elegant and high-end when worn. Due to the fact that Cartier primarily focuses on jewelry, their approach to watchmaking is luxurious as well. Their watches mimic their jewelry lines, making them incredibly popular to wear when dressing up.

The luxury brand is backed by multiple generations of family-run manufacturing methods and time-honored expertise, which remain top secret within Cartier’s design house. While it’s impossible to predict the future, it’s easy to assume that most Cartier watches retain their value. Some will go on to be worth more on the pre-owned market than when they were first purchased! 

Understandably so, both gold watches and Cartier diamond watches tend to re-sell for more than those without these gemstones. That being said, we encourage you to buy a watch you like, since you’ll be wearing it for years to come before it’s considered vintage or special enough to sell for a profit. You may even decide to hold onto it and pass it down to someone special in your family. No matter which you decide upon, your Cartier watch will be valuable for years and even generations to come.