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The crux behind the Bulgari brand lies within its strong roots in Greek and Roman culture, and it consistently pays homage to those roots with every new collection. Bulgari’s designs harmonize fluidly with each other thanks to their shared links to the strong lines and iconic images that color the Roman experience. To help you get a handle on this brand’s many exemplary collections and guide you towards the best Bulgari purchase for you, we’ve put together this “cheat sheet” based on the brand’s most popular pieces.

B.Zero1 Ring

The B.Zero1 ring is one of the most iconic pieces in Bulgari’s entire selection. With a simplistic design that was inspired by the Roman Colosseum, this structural ring commands attention because of its strong lines and versatile elegance. It would not look out of place in anyone’s jewelry collection.

Serpenti Bracelet

The Serpenti bracelet is unique in that it seamlessly unites the seductive serpent motif that is rooted in ancient Greek and Roman mythology with the downtown edge that undercurrents many of the brand’s designs. Its asymmetrical lines and eccentric look fits in best with those who prefer to traverse off the beaten path with their wardrobe choices.

BVLGARI BVLGARI Station Necklace

This piece is often worn wrapped twice around the neck as a sautoir, giving the necklace an attractive, layered look. Inspired by the inscriptions on Roman gold coins, the BVLGARI BVLGARI station necklace incorporates engravings of the brand logo on the gold rim that surrounds each gemstone station. This colorful and elegant design can add a touch of playfulness to any ensemble.

Tubogas Ring

Bulgari’s tubogas technique recalls an ancient Roman practice of twisting twine to make jewelry, but with a subtle, utilitarian slant. Despite its unorthodox namesake—the term “tubogas” refers to the design’s resemblance to gas tubes—this ring brings an understated sophistication to your jewelry collection. Its strong contrasts and graceful curves would best accent more feminine cuts.

B.Zero1 Watch

This fashion watch is the perfect expression of Bulgari’s Roman-inspired sensibilities. With the same engraved detail on the bezel as the BVLGARI BVLGARI collection, the B.Zero1 Watch also integrates the spiral design to which the brand has been so loyal throughout its many collections. The circular motifs of this watch’s design would definitely appeal to those who prefer their timepieces to be simple and uncluttered without sacrificing elegance or quality craftsmanship.

Diagono Watch

This timepiece unites the engraved outer band and strong, graceful lines that are signature to Bulgari’s designs with remarkable craftsmanship and top-of-the-line materials borrowed from first-rate racing and aerospace technology. Named after the ancient Greek “agòn”, or competitions to determine the best debaters or athletes, this sporty yet elegant watch works best for the man who does it all.