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Why Authentic Jewelry is a Must

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If you’re just getting acquainted with the finer points of antique and luxury jewelry, you may recall times in your life where you looked at an authentic piece of jewelry alongside a fake one and said, “what’s the difference?”

Maybe you were persuaded by the considerably cheaper price tag or perhaps your untrained eyes just couldn’t tell much of a difference. But don’t worry. We forgive you. At TrueFacet, we live and breathe authentic jewelry. When you browse our site, you’ll see one-of-a-kind pieces made by the most respected jewelry brands worldwide.

Some of these pieces have been worn and are in great or excellent condition, others have never been worn or owned at all. Either way, we list the exact conditions and specs of our jewelry to ensure there are no surprises in the buying process. Our team of experts personally vets every piece of jewelry we sell as part of the authentication process to help curtail the exchange of inauthentic jewelry.

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Keep reading to learn why offering an authentic jewelry marketplace has always been TrueFacet’s number one goal.

A Story Preserved

Our jewelry tells a story. From its maker, all the way through to its last owner, each piece you’ll find on our website was handcrafted with precision, and if previously owned, treated with the utmost care. True authentic jewelry is timeless no matter what the current trends are. We offer several vintage and modern pieces of jewelry from all the brand staples in the industry, like Omega, Rolex, Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Hermes, David Yurman and more. In the case any of these items were pre-owned, you can rest assured the pieces were refurbished to an excellent, like-new quality.

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Uniqueness in Fashion

Since the rise of the moden factory, there’s been a trend toward using less quality materials and products being used across the world. Companies that figured out a way to mass-produce items with cheaper materials did just that, and consumers’ buying habits have met that production on a large scale. But these items do not stand the test of time and fail to look any different than the other thousands of imitations floating around.

Don’t you appreciate something that will last your lifetime and truly stand out every time you wear it? You’ll notice we don’t have quantity or sizing options for our pieces, and that’s because it wasn’t produced in a giant warehouse with cheap components for pennies on the dollar. Instead talented artisans, fueled by their labor of love, crafted these unique pieces of jewelry.

Quality to Last a Lifetime

The cleverest of jewelry knock-offs might pass the eye test to some, but in no time you’ll find the piece breaking or deteriorating to its true quality. Intricate craftsmanship never stops rewarding its owner — in feel, value and durability.

When you buy jewelry from TrueFacet, you know its value isn’t going anywhere. As long as you take care of it, chances are it will hold most, or all of its value if you should ever decide to sell it.

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Ready to find your breathtaking piece of authentic jewelry? Browse the TrueFacet catalog today and take home true quality.