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5 Reasons to Buy Pre-owned Jewelry and Watches

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No matter the reason you find yourself looking to purchase luxury jewelry or watches, pre-owned is always an option you should consider. From a wider selection to better prices, there are countless reasons you should research the pre-owned piece you would love to own. As long as you research your vendor thoroughly, you can count on quality luxury.

1. Value
Pre-owned pieces often come at a lower price depending on the condition of the piece. If a piece is vintage, it may come at a cost because the item is more desirable. However, if you are looking to purchase an item that is relatively new and it’s market price has not increased significantly, then pre-owned is perhaps a better option. As soon as a new item is taken out of the store, the price drops significantly. And just because a piece is brand new, doesn’t mean you can’t find it pre-owned. Many people will purchase a new watch and choose to sell it shortly after for a number of reasons.

2. Quality and Durability
Luxury goods are made to last. That’s why purchasing pre-owned should always be a definite consideration. If an item is well cared for and maintained, then a piece could remain in excellent condition for decades. This means that even though a piece is pre-owned, it could look brand new and cost much less. Further, many luxury items are designed with a classic style that remains in fashion just as long — if not longer — as the piece remains wearable.

3. Selection
Another benefit of buying pre-owned is the increased selection. With pre-owned, you aren’t limited to the current collections offered in the store. You can choose from all collections, limited or exclusive, vintage and new. The choices are nearly endless and it makes shopping for the perfect piece that much easier.

You also have more selection when buying pre-owned. A model or design that could be a sound investment may be discontinued. In other cases, it may make more sense to buy an older model. Many Rolex models, for example, have gone decades without a significant change in design or components. That means a Submariner made five or ten years ago is much cheaper and nearly the same as a model made in the current year.

4. No Price Drop Off or Markups
As soon as you make a luxury purchase, much like buying a new car, the price immediately drops as soon as you leave the store. Buying pre-owned not only eliminates this drop in price but also since this drop in price as already occurred, you can get your item for less than an in-store purchase assuming the item in mind hasn’t increased in price since its original purchase.

Similar to the price drop, there’s a markup on an item purchased directly from the store. You can avoid this by buying pre-owned.

5. Timeless Style

The best items to purchase pre-owned are not trendy, they are timeless and classic. A Rolex Day-Date has not changed greatly in appearance over time. The Cartier Love bracelets is nearly identical to the first ones introduced in the ’60s. An older model of a classic piece may look very similar to the latest model but for a fraction of the original retail price.