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7 Tennis Pros and the Luxury Watches They Wear

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If you are a tennis lover, then this is your season! This past weekend witnessed the opening of the qualifying matches to determine the final line-up for the 132nd edition of the famed Wimbledon Championships, which begin on July 2 and run until July 15. Not long after that, starting in late August, The US Open Tennis Championships take place in New York. Between both of these exciting events, we will witness some of the finest athletes in the world vying for victory.

Many of those tennis greats are also ambassadors for some of the finest watch brands in the world. To wit: Rolex counts eight tennis stars on their brand ambassador roster and is the Official Timekeeper of Wimbledon. So, if you have a favorite tennis player and are wondering what their watch of choice is, here’s a look at seven of the top tennis stars and the luxury watches they sport– on and off the tennis court.