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5 Reasons Why a Pre-Owned Rolex is a Smarter Investment

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Throughout the watch industry, there has been a significant shift in how people shop for luxury watches, from Rolex to Patek Philippe to Audemars Piguet. The bygone era of brick-and-mortar stores have given way to a savvier crop of online shoppers who know how to maximize their investment on a fine Rolex timepiece: shopping pre-owned.

We explain the practical and financial benefits to shopping TrueFacet for a pre-owned Rolex watch to help you purchase the Rolex you’ve been coveting—and still save thousands of dollars.

1. Never incur the sharp depreciation cost of full-priced retail.
Just like driving a brand new car off the dealership lot, the value of a new Rolex watch depreciates the moment you take it out of the store. This immediate value drop makes shopping pre-owned a very attractive option for most Rolex collectors, allowing them to improve (if not increase) their return on investment and save thousands in both the short and long term.

Rolex Daytona Watch2. Skip the waitlist.
Rolex produces roughly 1,000,000 watches a year. And while this makes Rolex one of the world’s biggest watch manufacturers, the incredibly high global demand makes select new Rolex models fairly hard to come by. To wit: the Rolex Daytona is still in production today, but, as one of Rolex’s most coveted models available, the waitlist is upwards of three years. Bypass the waiting period and opt for a pre-owned Daytona which you can receive and sport in as little as three days.

3. Capitalize on Rolex’s quality craftsmanship.
One reason skeptics site for shopping new over pre-owned is that a pre-owned Rolex watch has been worn and used. While this may discourage some wary shoppers, the reality is, luxury goods are built to last. (Hence why even decades-old Rolex watches are still running smoothly.) So provided that a Rolex watch has been cared for and well-maintained (even if it was worn frequently), there is no compromise in its quality as a timepiece. By eschewing the somewhat misguided stigma that “worn” means “worn out,” you can save yourself thousands of dollars on what remains a luxury watch.Rolex Sea Dweller Watch

4. Stretch your dollar and upgrade your Rolex collection.
If you’re only prepared to spend $5,000 on your watch but are eyeing one of Rolex’s premier models (think a Daytona or a Sea-Dweller that retail for easily over $10,000), opt for a pre-owned Rolex to help your budget go further. The retail prices for these models are firm but, when you explore pre-owned models, the available price range expands significantly and effectively pushes even Rolex’s top models into your budget.

5. Get the look—for a fraction of the cost.
Rolex’s designs have a distinct and distinguishing air about them and it is near impossible to articulate the mesmerizing effect of a Datejust’s fluted bezel or a GMT-Master II’s sporty and colorful dial. But something about these enduring and recognizable designs consistently draws devotees in and makes us all covet them.

Rolex GMT Master "Pepsi" WatchHowever, the price tag of a new Rolex is a staggering barrier, regardless of how badly we yearn to sport a Submariner. Going the pre-owned route means you can revel in finally and proudly wearing a Rolex—without the associated post-purchase guilt that often comes with overspending on a full-priced model.

To learn more about shopping pre-owned Rolex watches, email us at or call 1-800-690-3736 and a TrueFacet concierge associate can guide you through the process or find you an investment-worthy style.