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5 Favorite Mother’s Day Gifts

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Don’t stress over Mother’s Day this year — we have you covered for any kind of mother this May. From sentimental gifts for moms to classics and favorites, there’s a gift out there perfect for your special person. Check out what’s trending this year in our list below!

1. Birthstone Jewelry

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Get your mom a beautiful gemstone ready for the summer with sweet sentiments. Find your birthstone and you will be with your mother all of the time — she won’t be disappointed. Check out the chart above to find your birth month’s stone. Shop for jewelry featuring garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, diamond, emerald, pearl, ruby, peridot, sapphire, opal, citrine and topaz.

2. Alex + Ani Bangles
alex and ani collage
[Zest for Life] [Great Mother] [Oyster]

These affordable bangles are trending this year and not only are they stylish, but these bracelets hold a special meaning for mothers. The “Zest for Life” bangle is perfect for energetic, bright and confident mothers. The “Great Mother” bangle symbolizes feminine power and authority. The “Oyster” bangle represents femininity, love and inner beauty.

3. Charm Her
charm bracelet
[Pasquale Bruni Bracelet] [Pasquale Bruni Charms]

Create your own charm bracelet to precisely capture the essence of your mom this holiday. These Pasquale Bruni charms come in all different shapes, including a house, a heart and a pacifier. Plus, you can always buy your mother more charms for holidays to come.

4. Jewelry from the Heart
heart collage
[Tiffany Bracelet] [Piaget Ring] [Christian Dior Earrings] [Heart-Shaped Pendant]

You don’t need flash to send the perfect message; sometimes the simple things are all you need. The heart is the most classic representation of love ever, so show your mother how much you care this Mother’s Day. Heart-shaped jewelry comes in every form — bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and more — so you won’t have a problem finding an item your mother will love and wear everyday.

5. Diamonds are a Mom’s Best Friend
[Rose Gold Diamond Ring] [White Gold Diamond Ring]

You can never go wrong with diamonds — they are a girl’s best friend after all. This versatile gem can fit any occasion and won’t go unused or forgotten. Check out all of our diamond jewelry here!