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5 Fashion Forward 2019 Jewelry Trends to Try

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The fashion forecast for 2019 calls for serious “look-at-me” statement jewelry, some of which are bold and modern riffs on classic jewelry styles. Check out our list of five jewelry trends you should try this year!

1. Pinky Rings

Fashion week street style of woman talking on phone with lots of rings and jewelry

Image via Vogue

This trend is a carry-over from 2018 but pinky rings are expected to grow in popularity. To master this trend, lean into the retro appeal of pinky rings that enjoyed their heyday in early 19th century Parisian fashion. Look for vintage (or vintage-inspired) pinky rings with a thin band, filigree detailing, and, if you’re so inclined, perhaps a delicate diamond setting.

2. Thick Gold Hoops Earrings

Woman wearing gold hoop earrings during Fashion Week

Hoop earrings are a foundational part of any jewelry collection—up there alongside a pair of diamond studs, a statement cuff, and a classic timepiece. However, this year, tastes are gravitating towards thicker and bigger gold hoop earrings. As a very general rule of thumb, be aware of your personal comfort level when it comes to the weight of your earrings. Heavy earrings can uncomfortably pull on your lobes so you may want to limit wearing weightier styles just for an evening.

3. Heavy Chain Jewelry

Fashion Week model wearing a gold thick chain necklace

Image via Nolita Hearts

Forget the delicate layered chains of 2018, the new year is all about chain jewelry with over-sized links. Necklaces and bracelets alike are being pumped up in size to make for a dramatic twist on this jewelry basic. For the truly daring, consider adding a chain-link choker necklace that sits higher on your neck or collar bone. This bold style pairs perfectly with a crisp white button up and jeans.

4. Coin Charm Bracelets and Necklaces

Fashion blogger wears Ben Amun jewelry with coin charms

Image via The Stripe

Coin jewelry is one of those trends that frequently comes and goes and, when it comes to 2019, it’s “in,” in a big way. Skip the single coin pendants in favor of layers of coin necklaces and charm bracelets bedecked with dangling coins. We particularly love coin necklaces with a heavier chain that puts a youthful and edgy spin on the overall charm-bracelet-meets-necklace look.

5. Colorful Enamel Jewelry

ashion Week editor with stacks of enamel Hermes bangles

Enamel jewelry saw an uptick in popularity in late 2018 and is sticking around through 2019. Be on the lookout for oversized bangles and cuffs made of colorful enamel to infuse your wardrobe with playful touches. When it comes to carrying for your new enamel jewelry, a little warm water and mild liquid soap is all you need to keep it clean. Steer clear of liquid jewelry cleaners which may be too harsh for enamel.