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15 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

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We pick our 15 favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for him, perfect for your relationship milestones and based on how long you’ve been dating.

3 Months – A Handsome Tie Bar
Although your relationship is fairly new, it’s pretty serious. You’ve introduced them to your parents, and your best friends strongly approve, gushing, “You guys are so perfect together!” This Valentine’s Day, give him a romantic but low-key gift like a pair of handsome cufflinks, tie bar or money clip.

6 Months – An Everyday Watch
Your relationship is rock steady. You share inside jokes that no one else understands and pick up on each other’s weird-yet-endearing quirks, like his inability to say “quinoa.” Now that you know each other so thoroughly, surprise him with a watch that suits his everyday look. A budget-friendly watch is a sweet gift that will serve as a daily reminder of how much he’s loved.

1 Year – A Dress Watch
Congratulations on hitting this important milestone anniversary! You and your BF are a real power couple. You’ve become a formidable team, working well together on everything from strategizing your next career move to dividing and conquering dinner meal prep—you chop, he cleans. Commemorate this significant year with an elegant dress watch that he’ll treasure forever.

5 Years – A Designer Watch
You and your partner are totally locked in and synced up. You have essentially created your own language—a combination of real words, inside jokes and silly voices—and can non-verbally relay messages with the simple arch of an eyebrow. Celebrate your five years—and counting!—with a sentimental gift with a real wow-factor: a designer watch.

10 Years – A Collectible Watch
Wow, ten whole years! While you have your comforting day-to-day routines, you two have not lost an ounce of that giddy love for each other; he still surprises you with flowers just because it’s Wednesday and you excitedly skip the last step running up your apartment stairs to see him every night. This Valentine’s Day, treat him to a luxurious watch that he can wear every day or breakout for special occasions—which, to him, means dinner out with you.