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10 On-Trend Ways to Layer Your Jewelry in 2018

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We rounded up our 10 favorite ways to create a cool, fashion-forward look by stacking, mixing and matching your jewelry.

And remember: while these are some general guidelines, layering jewelry is meant to be a way for you to express your style. So experiment with what looks you like—loads of bangles and tangles of pearls—and go from there!

Choker necklace with long pendant1. Pair a collar necklace with a long pendant.
Whether you opt for a statement collar or a delicate chain, we love the high-and-low mix of necklaces.

Stack of delicate rings

2. Stack up delicate rings…
Create a statement ring by piling your daintiest rings on one finger.

3. … Or spread them all out.
Alternatively, wear a delicate ring on each finger for a new different kind of statement.

Chain Bracelet

4. Mix in different textures and materials.
Throw together different textures (think chains of varying widths or a leather wrap-around bracelet) to add dimension to your stacks of bracelets, rings or even necklaces.

Watch Illustration5. Add a watch to your mix of bangles.
Treat your watch as another stack-friendly bracelet. To make it easier to match, keep the metals all the same.

Stack of Bangles6. Choose all-thin bracelets…
The more bangles you pile one, the thinner the styles should be.

7. … Or a few heavy-duty bangles.
Another option is to pile two substantial cuffs together for a standout, super hero look.

Delicate Chain Necklaces

8. Layer delicate chain necklaces that fall an inch or two apart in length.
To round out your look, add a third (or fourth) extra-long necklace that falls three to six inches below the other necklaces.

Green gemstone necklace

9. Bring in a splash of color.
Incorporate gemstone pendants and other colorful pieces into your look. The easiest way to work color in is to pick one color or match the accent colors (i.e., pick two colors that are complementary on the color wheel) and keep the metals the same (think: all yellow gold or all silver).

Cocktail Ring10. Make a large cocktail ring a focal point.
Slip on one standout ring and then a handful of thinner bands across your other fingers.


Sketches by Elle Diaz.