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Phillips House Offers Unparalleled Versatility for Any Wardrobe

Phillips House Offers Unparalleled Versatility for Any Wardrobe

The Revolution Ring and Necklace
The Revolution Ring and Necklace

Since its inception eight years ago, Miami Beach-based Phillips House puts a true focus on making every day a celebration by incorporating simple yet highly-customizable pieces into one’s wardrobe. With a tagline of “Every Day I Wear Phillips House,” this brand’s raison d’etre is to offer women versatility via finely crafted wearable pieces of jewelry that can be worn in different ways. Phillips House creates jewelry that women can have fun with and build new looks with every day by stacking and layering different pieces or using the brand’s signature chain, which can be worn nine different ways, or to make a personal statement.

"“Every Day I Wear Phillips House”

Phillips House designers Lisa Phillips Frankel and Danielle Frankel Nemiroff regularly create chic jewelry pieces across most of the brand’s collections. The pieces are easily convertible and can beautifully flow from day to night. For example, the designers have developed the Pick Me Up concept for earrings that involves spring loaded clips on the backs of pieces that can be used to convert a long, dangling earring to a shorter and more demure style. These clips allow for the design to be worn in three different ways. Some Pick Me Up models also feature removable ear jackets to spice up a look or tone it down.

With so many different style options built into one pair of earrings, these make for the perfect earring to star in a well-edited travel collection. Two of the brand’s popular collections, the Affair line and the Hero line, feature Pick Me Up models, so you can incorporate beautiful and empowering pieces into your everyday jewelry collection. Either way, the possibilities are endless with Phillips House’s Pick Me Up concept, and that’s just one small part of their world of jewelry.

The Pick Me Up Collection
L - Pick Me Up Two Ways R - Pick Me Up on Body

“Versatile jewelry is in our DNA, and has been since day one,” says Ilana Tanenbaum, Vice President of Marketing and Branding for Phillips House. “It is so important for women to celebrate every day, and because our designers are women who are designing jewelry for themselves, they know how important it is to enjoy wearing jewelry. During the day, they spend hours sketching jewelry and playing with beautiful stones, and in the evenings they are running after their children and doing other things, so they recognize the need for jewelry that is versatile and can be worn differently.”

In that spirit of versatility, Phillips House offers the Revolution collection of pendant necklaces that convert seamlessly to rings. These pieces, like all Phillips House jewelry, are so thoughtfully designed and offer not just versatility, but also true femininity. During the day, one could wear a chic, sophisticated necklace that seems beautifully integrated with the circular pendant hanging from it. But at night, or at will, that pendant transforms into a beguiling ring by the simple removal of the necklace chain. The collection consists of gold necklaces with diamond or colored stones. With a range of female clients from all walks of life–from yoga instructors to doctors–Phillips House listens to its customers about their likes and dislikes, and the convertible jewelry concept is a huge success because it offers a woman a way to express her many moods.

Phillips House jewelry is designed and assembled in the brand’s Miami Beach workshops, with the finest parts, including Italian-made chain, sourced from around the world. The brand’s designers pay incredible attention to detail and ensure that its collections focus on letting a woman be whoever she wants to be, whenever she wants.