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Find the Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

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You love to buy new luxury earrings whenever you get the chance, but you wonder if a certain pair will look better on you compared to another. You may be right. A lot of how earrings will ultimately look on you depends on your face shape. We’ll help find the best pair for you with this easy breakdown!

Round Face Shape

People with a circular face shape have few sharp lines or angles on their chin and cheeks. Round cheeks give your face a wide, circular shape. If this describes you, you will want to use longer earrings to create more length in your face. For this, we recommend our Marco Bicego Diamonds & 18kt Two Tone Gold Double Drop Earrings.

Oval Face Shape

An oval face shape is rounded, but a bit longer than the round face shape. If you have an oval face, you have great cheekbones. Thanks to these high cheekbones, you can wear any type of earrings! Hoops, studs, or triangle-shaped earrings work wonderfully with this shape as they bring attention to your best feature. We absolutely love the Diamond Huggie Earring in 14K White Gold.

Triangle Face Shape

An inverted triangle face has a wider forehead compared to the chin and is often quite angular. If this describes your face shape, we recommend you choose larger earrings that are weighted towards the bottom to balance out your smaller chin. For this, the Authentic Cartier Baby Trinity 1P Diamond Earrings is a fantastic option. 

Diamond Face Shape

Diamond faces are characterized by the eyes being the widest part of the face. If you have a diamond shaped face, your chin and forehead are the same width and your eyes are the main focus. You should avoid earrings that create sharp angles. This means either teardrop shapes or studs, like the Vintage 18k YGold Blue Gullioche Enamel Curved Shell Post Clip Earrings.

Square Face Shape

A square face is symmetrical all-around, but it has a boxier shape rather than circular. To soften your face’s natural angles, stick to rounded earrings such as hoops or circular stud earrings. We adore the Roberto Coin 1.25ct Diamonds 18k White Gold Inside Out Medium Hoop Earrings. Talk about glamour!

Heart Face Shape

A heart-shaped face is characterized by the fact that as you move down, your face gradually narrows. Because of the contrast between a wider forehead and smaller chin, you should be shopping for earrings that are weighted at the bottom in order to create a beautiful balance to your face. How about these 13ct Diamond Sapphire South Sea Pearl 18k Gold Long Dangle Snake Earrings? They’re going to look stunning!

You never need to worry about anything when you shop our online jewelry collection. TrueFacet promises authenticity of our products, so you can shop with confidence. Go ahead and find your favorite pair, the earrings that look great with your face shape and are made by your favorite designer!