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GINETTE NY Gingko Series: Inspired by A Sacred Tree

GINETTE NY 18K Rose Gold Gingko Bracelet
GINETTE NY 18K Rose Gold Gingko Bracelet

With the tagline, “Don’t be afraid to show your soft side,” GINETTE NY is all about crafting jewelry that has a vibrant, contemporary appeal with a somewhat passionate side. From feminine lines to open-worked pieces and solid forms speckled with diamonds, GINETTE NY’s jewelry empowers women to express themselves in their own way. This is especially true with the beautiful Gingko collection that exudes a striking balance of sensual and modern shapes and expression.

The Gingko collection derives both its name and design inspiration from the sacred Gingko tree native to China and southern Japan. Its lovely fan-shaped leaves go from green to golden yellow in fall, making them one of the most visually arresting trees. These beautiful trees are also incredibly strong and can grow to heights of 80 feet tall. They also are known to live for centuries. As such, they are an incredible symbol not only of love and beauty, but also of strength and longevity.

These symbols are synergistic with the core values of GINETTE NY: delicate yet strong, with a lasting impression. These factors, along with the beauty of the leaves, are what inspired French designer Frederique Dessemond to create the Gingko collection. The earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets in the shape of the Gingko leaves are created in 18-karat rose gold.

GINETTTE NY Campaign Image and
L - GINETTE NY Campaign Image R - Gingko Double Ring

The collection, which is all hand-polished and -finished, includes solid pieces of gold, with seemingly randomly set diamonds on them for a strong look, as well as beautifully open-worked motifs that enable the gold to reflect the veining of the leaves. Some pieces, including a great double-leaf ring, bring both the solid and open-worked look together in one piece for chic appeal. All of the jewelry in the Gingko collection has a decidedly modern flair to it for the cosmopolitan woman—whether she is in Paris, New York or jet-setting from place to place.

“GINETTE NY aims to offer women an everyday luxury, a gold skin jewel, contemporary and timeless,” says Dessemond. “The collections are the reflection of a singular artistic expression, a unique DNA in the contemporary jewelry world.”

The Gingko collection is not the first time Dessemond has turned to nature for inspiration. She frequently creates jewelry inspired by figurative symbols and by nature, including the dragonfly and the wolf, among others.

Article by Roberta Naas

Roberta Naas is a veteran watch and jewelry industry insider and influencer. A journalist with more than 30 years in the field, Naas pioneered as the first female watch writer in America. An award-winning writer, she travels the world to uncover stories, conduct interviews, and bring the newest watch and jewelry information to the forefront. She has authored six books on watches, writes for such esteemed publications as Forbes and Elite Traveler, and is the founder of