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Dana Rebecca Designs Blends Diamond Cuts For Chic Look in Sadie Pearl Collection

Dana Rebecca Designs Geo Baguette and Pave Earrings
Geo Baguette and Pave Earrings

Celebrating eleven years in business, Dana Gordon, founder of Dana Rebecca Designs, is a third-generation jewelry designer with an exacting eye, creating styles that are simplistic in nature and incredibly wearable.

“My jewelry is designed to help women build a jewelry box that they can continually add to with new pieces that can be layered and stacked to add personality and character to the classic look,” Dana explains. To that end, Dana’s namesake brand offers pieces that are classic enough to be around forever, but also on trend enough to entice women who want an elegant yet edgy look.

Dana Rebecca Designs Sadie Pearl Starburst Necklace
L - Sadie Pearl Starburst Necklace R - Dana Rebecca Designs Earrings

This is especially true of Dana Rebecca Designs’ Sadie Pearl collection. “The line is clean and yet really hip; it is something that will be around for another 50 years,” says Dana Gordon. The Sadie Pearl’s distinguishing feature is a mix of baguette-cut diamonds and the brand’s signature round brilliant, which gives the collection its great geometric feel.

The concept of mixing diamond cuts and settings dates back centuries and was especially popular in the Art Deco era, but Dana Rebecca Designs incorporates these brilliant- and baguette-cuts into simple pieces that are incredibly eye catching. For her modern collection, Dana draws upon the rigid and angular shapes, signature of the vintage Art Deco era, but pares down the traditionally ornate details with a sleeker, minimalist setting for the disparate diamond shapes.

“What makes these pieces so special is that the two types of diamonds sparkle differently and complement each other so well,” explains Dana. The result is a collection with a fresh and youthful take on a traditional jewelry technique.

Collection highlights include the Starburst necklace, wherein gold arrows, set with round brilliants, each dangle from a row of single baguette-cut diamonds. Similarly, the Sadie Pearl Geo baguette- and brilliant-cut diamond and gold earrings juxtapose the two cuts and offer a dramatically different look that is right on point for today’s woman.

The Sadie Pearl necklaces and earrings are incredibly wearable on their own, but because of the mix of diamonds in many of them, they are also very versatile and can be easily layered with another simple gold chain or diamond pendant necklace. For women with multiple ear-piercings, the Sadie Pearl Geo earrings makes a fittingly bold pairing when worn alongside Dana Rebecca Designs’ other minimalist earrings.

Because Dana Rebecca Designs crafts its jewelry predominantly in 14-karat gold, the brand is able to offer luxury looks and value prices.

Article by Roberta Naas

Roberta Naas is a veteran watch and jewelry industry insider and influencer. A journalist with more than 30 years in the field, Naas pioneered as the first female watch writer in America. An award-winning writer, she travels the world to uncover stories, conduct interviews, and bring the newest watch and jewelry information to the forefront. She has authored six books on watches, writes for such esteemed publications as Forbes and Elite Traveler, and is the founder of