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Opening 2021 with a beautiful gift guide

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The holidays are full of shiny ornaments, decorations, tinsel, and, most importantly, it’s a time of year when love shines the brightest. As such, it’s the perfect time to give your special someone a shiny new piece of luxury jewelry to enjoy.

Wouldn’t you love to watch her eyes light up this holiday season as you present her with a unique piece of elegant jewelry? However, there are so many gorgeous options out there, how do you choose the right one for your loved one?

Check out our ultimate New Years gift guide to luxury jewelry here and discover many ways to kick-off 2021 with a little gift for that special person in your life.


Flashy diamonds and timeless designs usually take center stage when choosing engagement and/or wedding rings for your beloved companion. However, the holidays are a perfect time to present her with a different kind of ring. A ring that isn’t prompted by tradition and is simply an expression of your love.

The fun part is that nothing limits your choice! You can choose any type of ring that will compliment her personality and that you think your loved one will adore.

Of course, too much choice can feel overwhelming so here are a few of our favorite ideas to narrow things down.

For a elegant classic woman, consider a striking large diamond ring from GLAM Jewelry made with 18K yellow gold and high quality vs diamonds. A playful fashionable woman might love a variation of smaller but stackable rings made with 18K rose or white gold.

Gold and red holiday color schemes might prompt you to choose this lovely, yet simple band of rubies with a glittering diamond accent from Tiffany & Co. Finally, a more traditional gal might love a simple rose gold ring design with small diamond accents.


Unlike rings, bracelets aren’t traditionally given at a specific time. This makes the holidays a perfect time to offer a sparkling arm adornment as a gift! Like rings, there are an endless variety of designs and color schemes you can choose from to perfectly complement your loved one’s favorite looks.

Consider arguably the most popular bracelet at this moment, the Cartier Love Bracelet or A bolder, more colorful 14k yellow gold scarab bracelet with various large stones of different colors is perfect for a woman who likes her jewelry to make a statement.

A silver charm bracelet from Tiffany & Co. makes a special gift. It comes with one charm, but you can buy more in time to further personalize the gift and mark special occasions throughout your relationship.


Necklaces are eye-catching pieces that your woman can use to perfectly complement her outfits and let her personality shine through. Give her something this holiday season to make her eyes light up and make her feel like the belle of the ball.

The Misahara teardrop-shaped aquamarine Chalcedony Nzari necklace complemented by gorgeous 18K white gold from Misahara is sure to make her stand out from the crowd. For a romantic touch, gift her this stunning diamond and blue sapphire-studded 18K rose gold key and tell her it’s the key to your heart.

A more traditional girl will love this diamond-accented pearl pendant accompanied by 18K yellow gold. Add a mysterious twist to the same design by using a black Tahitian pearl instead. And those who prefer a silver color will adore this pearl suspended by a string of tiny diamonds accompanied by 18K white gold.


For many women, earrings are their favorite type of jewelry. Eye-catching pieces draw attention to their face and make them feel sophisticated and suave.

A strong woman will love these brightly colored vintage pieces starring bold rubies and sapphires set in intricately detailed 18K yellow and complemented by a set of tiny diamonds. For something unique, gift your sweetie these chains of 18K rose gold diamond and ruby-studded triangles from Misahara.

This delicate leaf-like design molded from 18K yellow gold and studded with tiny diamonds from Tasaki sparkles in the light and is sure to make your love’s eyes sparkle just as delicately. For a more traditional look, opt for this aquamarine and pearl-studded set, also from Tasaki, whose intricate gold work is sure to draw the eye.

Adding Some Sparkle to Your Holiday with Luxury Jewelry

Any time of year is the perfect time to show a special someone how much you care, but it is especially appreciated during the holidays. Jewelry is personal and lovely enough for your romantic partner, yet universally appreciated enough for any special woman in your life such as a mother or sister.

Enjoy yourself while browsing our online shelves. We have unique, show-stopping pieces that will fit any personality and budget. And that look on her face as she opens your gift will be worth every penny of your purchase. Check out our latest new and pre-owned arrivals here!