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The Best Gemstones for Fall

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Fall is in full swing and there’s no better accessory than a seasonally shaded gemstone. Inspired by the change of seasons and wardrobes, we made a list of our fall weather favorites as well as on-trend styles.

1. Citrine
Citrine is the ultimate fall gemstone. The stone is acutally just the yellow-orange variation of quartz, colored naturally by iron found in the mineral. The yellow tone is the perfect compliment for the fall season. View citirine jewelry here!

2. Rubies

Gemstones aren’t only for jewelry! Though ruby makes for a great seasonal jewelry accessory, the gemstone is sometimes used as an accent on a timepiece — like this limited edition Rolex Day-Date 40. View ruby watches and jewelry!

3. Amethyst
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Though amethyst typically evokes images of springtime, a darker shade is a great way to incorporate subtle color in your autumn wardrobe. Check out gorgeous amethyst pieces here.

4. Yellow Diamonds
To add season sparkle to your look, consider yellow diamonds. If you want something more precious than citrine, then a fancy yellow is your best option. Check out more yellow diamond jewelry here.

5. Onyx
The days are getting shorter, and the nights longer and it’s finally a time of year where dark jewels are appropriate. Celebrate with Onyx this fall. Check out more onyx jewelry here.