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5 Trending Watches to Trade Up Now

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If you’re getting serious about building a respectable watch collection, you probably started with a sporty diver watch. (Good choice, by the way.) But, when it comes to what to buy as your second or third watch, our experts recommend upgrading to a dressy evening watch.

Here are their five favorite watches to buy as your second or third watch. Or, if you’re paring down your watch collection, trade-in your tired models for these fashionable and coveted upgrades.

IWC Portofino IWC Portofino
Our first recommendation is an IWC Portofino on a leather strap. You cannot go wrong with this elegant and minimalist design by the highly respected watchmaker. The crisp look of the Portofino makes it the perfect option for a dress watch and, as a part of your collection, is a slick counterpart to your sportier first watch.

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Rolex Datejust II Rolex Datejust II
At first blush, the Rolex Datejust may look identical to the Rolex Datejust II. But, now that you’re turning into a real watch aficionado, you know that the differences between the former and later Datejust models are subtle but significant; the Datejust II’s larger size, wider bezel, and thicker lugs make it slightly more modern than its predecessor. And, as a budding collector, you’ll appreciate more the imperceptible updates to the caliber housed inside the Datejust II that makes it a fascinating piece to learn from and own.

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Panerai PAM 380Panerai Radiomir
If you do not want as traditionally dressy a watch as the Datejust, consider the Panerai Radiomir. The Radiomir toes the line between sporty-and-spiffy, with a utilitarian look and feel and a minimalist design (complete with a leather strap, of course) that is usually reserved for special occasion watches. As a second watch, the Panerai Radiomir will fill out your collection nicely, both aesthetically and in terms of collection cred.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Master CalendarJaeger-LeCoultre Master Collection
Like the IWC Portofino, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Collection includes handsome, classic timepieces that channel the brand’s vintage aesthetic without feeling tired or dated. We like this collection because there is the just right amount of flourish to make each of these timepieces unique without sacrificing the striking simplicity signature to Jaeger-LeCoultre. Unsurprisingly, this remarkable collection is a favorite among watch collectors and connoisseurs.

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Hublot Big BangHublot Big Bang
The Hublot Big Bang is a bold departure from the other customary dress watches on the list. But hear us out. We love the Hublot Big Bang as a second watch because it played a crucial role in the greater luxury watch industry. When the (very appropriately named) Big Bang debuted in 2005, it essentially sky-rocketed Hublot from a quiet but respectable small watch brand into a disruptive game changer in the space when this upstart brand used “non-luxury” materials to outfit its high-end collection. This set off a radically new approach to fine watch design as brands tried to compete with Hublot’s signature and standout Big Bang model.

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Main image courtesy of Ryan Styles NYC.