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Stoic World

A living legend returns to the watch industry with a radically new outlook on life and watch design
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Without Time, We Have Nothing

A veritable living legend in the watch industry, Peter Speake-Marin is best known as an independent watchmaker with a penchant for highly creative and technically complex watches. (To wit, his namesake brand famously put out the Speake-Marin Renaissance, a mesmerizing fully-opened tourbillon minute repeater which was immediately touted as the year’s most interesting watch and an exceptional piece of horological art.)

And so, when Speake-Marin, the deeply respected and admired watchmaker, announced he was stepping down from his own brand, it shook the industry. But he made even bigger waves when introducing his newest collection, Stoic World.

Stoic World is simultaneously a sharp divergence from Speake-Marin’s former world of high-ticket luxury watches and a natural progression in the watchmaker’s oeuvre and evolving world outlook. Greatly influenced by author Tim Ferris and the writings of ancient Roman philosopher Seneca, Speake-Marin was drawn to stoicism, a way of thinking calmly and rationally so you cut through the noise and focus on what in your life you can control. In the simplest of terms, stoicism’s central teachings emphasize how unpredictable the world is and how fleeting time is, but, through virtue and wisdom, we can positively assert ourselves and overcome destructive emotions.

Inside the Stoic Sports Watch

Stoic’s inaugural Sports Watch is a perfect collection starter. Competitively priced with all the trappings of a classic automatic timepieces and designed by the watchmaking genius, Peter Speake-Marin, the Sports Watch is sure to grow into your favorite every day watch.

Without Time, We Have Nothing